The Unicorn, The Dragon, And...
The High-Earning Affiliate

Are They All Merely Myths?
No, The High-Earning Affiliate is Alive and Well
And You Could Become One

The affiliate model is a "high reward/low risk" Web site monetization option...

  • you don't have to develop excellent products -- it has already been done for you. You simply judge and pick the best available ones, from the best available merchants.
  • you don't have to spend large amounts to manufacture and store inventory
  • no need to take and process a single order, or worry about getting paid (you don't even need a merchant account!) -- you simply send people to your affiliated merchants, then get paid when they buy
  • you don't have to handle or ship a product -- your merchants do that
  • you'll never have to answer customer e-mail (inquiries and support are 24/7 issues that can easily eat up 50% of your day)
  • they cost nothing to join (beware of the few that do)
  • your affiliate business can be started part-time, on a shoestring.

Sounds great... and the "affiliate model" has mushroomed since first brought it into public prominence in 1997. Millions of affiliates send billions of visitors to tens of thousands of companies in return for a payment. The affiliate industry has and continues to thrive.

The Affiliate Credentials of
One of the top Internet companies online, we are strongly affiliate-driven. Our "Affiliate Program" is regarded as one of the most original programs online.

So... if the affiliate model is so attractive, widely adopted, and thriving...

Why Do Most Affiliate Marketers Struggle To Earn?

Yes, it's true that a small number of affiliates ("super-affiliates") are making some very large incomes. And a larger minority, do earn lower-but-still-substantial amounts.

But the truth remains... the vast majority of affiliates are struggling to earn.

So What's the Problem?

Affiliates struggle due to one or more of the following four problems. All four are avoidable/beatable, with the appropriate strategies and tools. Let's review...

Problem #1 -- Failure To Prepare

Most people fail at anything because of the tendency to FIRE-READY-AIM. They jump the gun and FIRE, rather than invest some time to get READY and then AIM.

Yes, it feels "unproductive" to prepare and set up a system... But it's how the successful succeed.

Part of your preparation should include considering going beyond the affiliate model.

The solution? Upfront thinking and planning...

  • Develop best site concept/theme
  • Brainstorm most profitable topics
  • Select best related affiliate programs.

Problem #2 -- Dependency on Merchants

Not only is it easy to choose the wrong programs, it's easy to struggle with the right ones. Even great companies with terrific products often don't have the time to teach their affiliates...

  • No startup manual.
  • No creative new ideas in a weekly newsletter... "Here are our banners. Please put them up on your site."
  • No tools to help you do your job.

The solution? Successful affiliates do their due diligence in order to select the best companies. They also diversify into other, complementary monetization models.

Problem #3 -- No Site or Poor Site

Some folks attempt to market through social media and forums they frequent. Others try to build sites that may have one or more of the following problems...

  • amateurish look and feel
  • content that does not hold a visitor's attention and respect
  • poor site structure and organization
  • have little to no traffic

No Site or Poor Site = No Success

The solution? Take what you know, what you love, and turn it into a Theme-Based Content Site. Attract highly targeted, interested "PREcustomers," provide solid value through content, then refer them to your affiliate merchants.

Problem #4 -- Little or No Traffic

Now for a really big challenge... building traffic.

In the offline retail world, the old saying goes that "location, location, location" are the three most important factors for success. If you put your offline store on the right street corner, you're 90% of the way home.


Passer-by traffic. But...

When was the last time you saw someone casually stroll past a website? Never, right?


Because people choose to go to websites. They click on links or type in URLs. They make the decision. They have the power.

And many affiliates never figure out how to work with that power to attract tens of thousands of interested, motivated visitors every day.

The solution? If you know how, you can put yourself into their click path. The "Top 0.5%" affiliates all...

  • make the content of their web pages "attractive" to Search Engines
  • track how each page performs on the major Search Engines, from submission, through spidering, indexing and finally to how each page ranks
  • develop more than one way to drive traffic
  • analyze Click IN and Click Through patterns meticulously, as if their businesses depended on it (because it does)
  • follow key traffic stats from a good log file analyzer
  • execute well, having assembled or created a wide variety of expensive tools.

Do these solutions sound out of reach for you? They used to be, not any more...

Level the Playing Field

Solo Build It! is the only product that provides you with the process and all the tools necessary for "Top 0.5% Level" affiliate success.

How does it work? "It" does not work... you do. Let's summarize...

Solo Build It! (SBI!) takes what you know and love, and helps you turn that into your own unique content on your own unique website. "SBI" combines step-by-step process with tools, community guidance, updating, and support to enable you to focus on the only thing that matters... building your business.

SBI! automates the tedious elements of site promotion and management so all your time is devoted to building your business... not fighting technology and complexity. A series of professional, integrated tools are further designed specifically to maximize your ROI. The site generates targeted visitors who quickly become warm, willing PREsold prospective clients for the merchants you recommend.

Get rich quick? No. You've come to the wrong place if you're looking for that.

Easy as pie? NO. While SBI! does remove all the technical barriers (HTML, FTP, CGI, Search Engine mastery, etc.), please remember... you are, after all, building a business. So it is not "quick and easy" or "get rich quick" or "guaranteed to make you $1,000,000 in 6 months." Sorry.


Are you motivated? Willing and ready to work to build your Affiliate Marketing business? If so, Solo Build It! delivers. Actually it OVERdelivers success... we prove it.

How Do We Define "Success"?
Build an Affiliate Site That Works

The lifeblood of a growing affiliate business is traffic. So here's our definition of "success"...

Hundreds of visitors per day, every day, generated by you, growing to thousands as you continue to create high-value, high-ranking content related to your site's theme.

Total beginner or seasoned affiliate marketer? It does not matter. Start from scratch and see success grow before your eyes, through the affiliate programs of other companies, who do the actual selling and shipping of products for you...

  • without any programming or design knowledge/experience
  • without being a Search Engine "guru"
  • without needing to have a single product of your own.

Use Solo Build It! to turn your knowledge or hobby into an income-generating, theme-based affiliate site.


Turn knowledge into content. Then convert that content into income.

Your site delivers great content on a particular set of topics (all related to your site's theme). People find your content through your high rankings at the Search Engines (and other techniques). They click on your related merchant links. Your merchants pay you commissions for the sales and your visitors are delighted with the products and convenience...


For example...

Passionate about cooking with hot spices? Chili peppers, cayenne... the hotter, the better? Brainstorm the most profitable topics, and deliver hot and spicy content. Establish your voice and style. Deliver quality, in-demand material. You'll be surprised at how quickly a following develops. And then...

You're ready to monetize (cookbooks, cookware, food processors, and so forth through Amazon). Blend in another monetization model, and you're off to a fast start towards a profitable business... one you'll love building.

Maybe vintage, racing hot rods are your obsession? Create a site about roadsters -- no, create the site about rebuilding roadsters (""). Refer your ever-growing, highly motivated traffic to related merchants (auto accessories, car dealers, etc.).

Or how about photography? See how this "Top 0.5%" SBI! owner does it.

How about travel? Build a site about family-traveling or exotic locations. Refer traffic to and other merchants who sell travel-related products.

Music... Fashion... Games... Electronics...

Or more esoteric interests like organic gardening, Aussie football or children's birthday parties!

How Do You Measure Success?

The platinum guide to affiliate success. SBI! the perfect affiliate business-building solution and the only one that automatically generates droves of warm, willing-to-buy visitors.

SBI! virtually guarantees affiliate success. All that's needed is motivation.

In summary...

  1. Create worthwhile sites that give something of value to readers

  2. Build truly high-value content that pleases both human readers as well as the Search Engines. Add to the collective wisdom online.

  3. Your pages will generate targeted traffic into your site. You refer them on to affiliated merchants. That traffic flow is called a "clickstream." You tap the clickstream for income.

There are no limits to the possibilities. Create sites about whatever excites you. Then convert that content into traffic, and that traffic into dollars.

Content Traffic PREsell Monetize

And have fun doing it. It's the best "job" in the world.

Why Solo Build It!?

Two reasons...

  1. It is the only product in the world that takes you step-by-step through the powerful, natural process of Content Traffic PREsell Monetize

  2. SBI! provides all the tools that you need to execute C T P M flawlessly, integrated seamlessly into the step-by-step process.

All you have to do is deliver content about your theme/niche. SBI! handles all the behind-the-scenes technology and complexity of building and marketing your Web site, which frees you to focus on what you know best... your business.

Now that you know the big picture of how to succeed online,
review the Video Tour to see how SBI! helps sure you execute it to perfection.

SBI! provides all the information, strategies and tools needed to progress from brainstorming to content-development to traffic-building. It eliminates the complexities and technologies, allowing you to focus on building your business.

Solo Build It! empowers you to own your niche. That means...

  1. Own your free, targeted, motivated traffic.

    Grow YOUR business by growing your own niche-oriented traffic.

  2. Diversify.

    Monetize your traffic in non-affiliates ways, too (ex., selling your own ebook).

    Protect your income, and build equity, by diversifying into new monetization models. What if your merchant partner goes bankrupt tomorrow? Or reduces commissions, fails on their payments or shuts down their program entirely?

  3. Build equity.

    Not only do you own your self-produced targeted traffic, but you'll build a large email list. Provide value to your subscribers on an ongoing basis and PREsell other helpful and useful products to them.

  4. Increase Conversions.

    PREselling through valued content establishes credibility. So your recommendations carry weight. The difference in Conversion Rate between visitors who arrive PREsold via an in-context text link vs. a banner can be quite high. Test, analyze, adjust.

This business is yours. If one of your affiliated merchants becomes unstable or treats its affiliates unfairly, switch to a competitor. Or you can emphasize an entirely different monetization model.

The key, of course, is owning your own traffic. Before you can can PREsell... before you can earn affiliate income... you must grow your own traffic.

Build Other Streams of Revenue, Too...
Diversify: Add New Income Streams
To Your Affiliate Marketing Business

To monetize as large a percent as possible of your visitors, diversify beyond the affiliate model. Google AdSense is an optional add-on if your main business is to be an affiliate, and others are available (more on this later).

From RC cars to roadsters, from children's birthday parties to high-end audio/electronics, the niches (and themes related to those niches) are infinite. But no matter what niche your affiliate marketing business occupies, monetization must start with significant volumes of relevant traffic...

Once you have traffic, the next question is...

"Since I Own My Traffic Now,
And Only a Small Percent Will Buy,
How Else Can I Monetize That Traffic?"

There isn't any doubt that Solo Build It! delivers the traffic. And yes, that is the lifeblood of your Affiliate Marketing business. But remember... in a wider sense, you're in "business."

Like countless offers that we all see every day, most of your high-volume, PREsold traffic will not ultimately be interested in your merchants' products. Enough will, of course, for you to grow significantly.

But why not monetize your traffic by offering other products and/or services? In other words, develop a mix of supplementary monetization models. Diversify your business into multiple streams of income.

Here is how to build a diversified monetization mix. Consider each monetization model carefully. Depending on your particular niche and Affiliate Marketing business practices, some will apply to you. Some won't.

Google AdSense offers yet another way to monetize a purely informational theme-based content site. Pick fewer (i.e., only the best) affiliate programs related to your niche. (AdSense and SBI! are an excellent match -- SBI! builds targeted, themed traffic, while AdSense monetizes it with ease.)

As a matter of fact, the ideal diversification strategy is most likely to combine AdSense with a few top-notch affiliate programs, blending in a finder's relationship or two. Now you can focus on building your Affiliate Marketing business, and on diversifying it into a broader, more stable, full-fledged business.

It all adds up to a strong, stable way to monetize a theme-based content site.

Want Proof?

Click here for proof that you won't find anywhere else on the Internet. Search as hard and long as you like... you won't find documented PROOF OF PROCESS like this.

With proof like that, it's fair to say...

There is no stronger, more cost-effective way to build your affiliate business, whether you merely want to convert a hobby into a money-maker instead of a money-spender, or whether you ultimately want to quit your day job.

Net Result?
Affiliate Marketing Is Just The Start

Build a business where you are in control, following a step-by-step plan and using tools with a proven track record of success within a positive, forward-thinking and supportive community.

Solo Build It! sites succeed. And we prove it.

Other companies would, of course, if they could. But the majority of small businesses struggle online. You don't want to lose a year of your life and thousands of dollars going down a road with no map.

Read more about Solo Build It!. It's all about the "it" in SBI!. Start here.

Or take SBI! home for a No Risk Test Drive. You have a future to gain, a past (i.e., knowledge) to convert into income, and absolutely nothing to lose.

"Venture nothing, and life is less than it should be."
Malcolm Forbes (1919-1990)

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